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Store It- Edwards Mini Storage

Self storage has become a part and parcel of an average American's life today. The rapid growth of the cities has led to the development of space crunch. Homes have shrunk in size, but the appetite for materialistic goods has expanded. This has given rise to a multitude of storing facilities with a stiff competition on who provides the best space to customers

Some people believe they would never need storage services in their life. They've got few goods and are not fond of hoarding items. Good. But, you can never question the twist of fate. And sometimes, things happen so fast that you're left in the lurch. In such a situation, Edwards Mini Storage is here to help.

Our clients depend on our storage service for a wide variety of needs:

  • Short–term storage between moving dates
  • Business archives
  • Off–season clothing, furniture and equipment
  • De–cluttering your home
  • Personal item storage while subletting your apartment
  • Temporary / short-term storage
  • Long-term storage
  • 24–hour access

Rent It - Edwards Investments Rentals

Whether you are looking for residential or commercial we have a wide variety to suit your needs.

Mobile It - Edwards Investments Mobile Home Parks

We have just the mobile home park you will want to call home.

Six Basic Reasons Why People Purchase Mobile Homes

  • Affordable living
  • As a temporary residence while building a site built home on their same lot
  • For rental investment purposes
  • To accommodate a family member with a second dwelling on their property
  • To refurbish and resell for profit
  • To replace an old existing mobile home with a new one